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What is coaching? Great question.


Since you’ve landed here, I’m going to assume you have a certain level of curiosity about the coaching relationship. Maybe you are starting or ready to scale your small business. Perhaps you’re a first-time leader and a friend or supervisor pointed you my way. However, you found your way here, welcome! I’m glad our paths have crossed and that you’re interested in learning more about the coaching relationship.


The word coach can be thrown around a lot. It’s a title many people place on their bios (fitness coach, parenting coach, health coach…you get the picture). But what, exactly, is coaching?


Coaching is a healthy mix of cheerleading and accountability. The coaching relationship focuses on growth—getting a clear picture of where you are, looking to the future, and imagining the possibilities. Rather than pointing out flaws in you or your business model or coming in as an expert, the coach is a partner, one who comes alongside you to work through roadblocks and hurdles without prescribing a specific strategy or model to get you there.


When I sit with coaching clients, my goal is to help them feel a little less alone as a business leader. I do not to tell them how to run their business or lead a specific way, but rather, to sit with each individual where they are, ask good questions, and draw out potential and new perspectives to help my clients keep moving forward. I offer insight, when asked, but never as the only way forward.


Coaching is not:


  • Consulting - where I come in as the expert to apply a certain model or system.

  • Therapy - where I diagnose or dig into the “why” behind who you are or how you live.

  • Teaching - where I correct or instruct from a specific framework.


Rather, coaching is a healthy partnership that offers small business owners, entrepreneurs, and first-time leaders a supportive accountability to help you get unstuck, avoid burnout, and keep moving forward.


At Main Street Coaching, I offer customized, one-one-one coaching services to small business owners looking to scale, entrepreneurs ready to turn their idea into a business, and to first-time leaders who want to grow from a people-first perspective. If you’re still curious or want to learn more, I’d be happy to sit down with you for a free discovery call, where I can hear more about you and give you space to ask questions about what coaching could do for you.

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