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You have a dream, hobby, or idea that you are ready to turn into a business. However, venturing into all the details can often become overwhelming, especially when you’re a one-person-show. You have a thousand questions and a growing to-do list, but you wonder:


  • Where do I start?

  • Who is my ideal client?

  • What are my goals, and how do I get there?

  • Do I continue to go alone, or do I hire help?

  • How can I make money or earn back my investment?


For the entrepreneur, these questions can rattle around in your head or even leave you feeling paralyzed knowing what to do next.


How does coaching help?


Many entrepreneurs simply need another person to offer support, insight, and accountability so that they can have confidence that they’re headed in the right direction. At Main Street Coaching, Ben walks alongside entrepreneurs at all stages in the journey to lend not only a listening ear, but also help with:


  • Clarifying your vision and setting goals

  • Pinpointing hurdles and creating an action plan to keep you moving forward

  • Developing your business model for sustainable growth


With entrepreneurs like you, the goal in the coaching relationship is to help you realize your dreams without having to navigate your questions alone. Each session is customized for your unique business and needs, to help you continue to gain traction and establish your business.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a free discovery call with Ben to find out how coaching can help you move your dream, idea, or hobby into an effective business model.

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